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                      meeting What Richmond Members Say About Your Corporate Board

Client List:

  • AC Mechanical
  • Aegis Environmental
  • Accents Unlimited
  • Financial Holographix
  • TriMedia
  • Financial Solutions
  • Walton & Walton
  • Logic Depot
  • RGAinc
  • Old Dominion Asset Management
Listening to other owners discuss issues, solutions and challenges has provided a perspective you cannot achieve on your own.  Seeing others plan for more than they can get done has helped me feel better about my own challenges. 
David Dye
Tax and Business Solutions
Midlothian VA

Having a diverse group of business owners who bring both their corporate and personal experience into a confidential setting is critical to the growth of my business as well as how work supports my family lifestyle. Yes, my revenue has increased by 30% since my invovlement with TCB and Tom Earle, the facilitator; but other criteria that measure success such as time with family give more meaning than a percentage bottom line.
Mary Layman
TriMedia, LLC
Richmond, VA

You can count on Tom Earle, to take a strong interest in your business. He helped us understand our company's strengths and weaknesses. We were therefore able to focus on what was most critical. He was able to illuminate the risks in our current business model and guide us – along with input from the board – towards planning and executing effective marketing plans. Several opportunities for marketing investments arose and the Board helped us evaluate those options and pursue the most appropriate action. We used the Board to assess and validate business decisions. If we couldn’t sell it to them, it put the offer/plan in serious doubt.
Lisa Disselkamp
Athena Enterprises
Midlothian VA
YCB members provide insight into issues that assist me in operations, financial analysis, and planning.  I have learned in these meetings that everyone has similar issues; however, solutions vary, depending on the type of business.  Feedback from board members, speaker courses, and a variety of literature provided at the meetings help me run my company.
Dan Wood
CMC Printing
Midlothian Virginia

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